What We Offer

The Love of God

In everything we do, we endeavour to offer love, support, encouragement and a helping hand.  Become part of the family to both receive and share God’s love with others.

Preaching and Teaching from the Word of God

At each service, hear straight talk from the word of God that will transform your attitudes, relationships and life.


Worshipping God through song, dance, flagging, painting and prayer is part of all our gatherings.  Join us Sunday nights at 6pm and Tuesday nights at 7pm at the Lion’s Hall 935 Sydenham Rd, Kingston, ON.


We believe that God answers prayer.  We offer prayer at all our gatherings for healing and any challenges you face in life.  If you have a special prayer need today, please contact us.


We all have a story.  Our life experiences have left us scarred in many cases.  We want you to be set free from the things which hold you back for experiencing everything that God has for you.  Deliverance ministry goes to a deeper level to bring you that freedom.  For more information talk to Assistant Pastor Ron Jost.

Hospital visits

If you or someone close to you is hospitalized, we are available to come and offer prayer believing that God can work miracles.  Don’t hesitate to contact us today if you face a dire need.


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