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Kingdom Glory Centre Norval Morley Ron Jost Sophie Sage

Pastor Norval Morley



Norval is known as a man of God who cares about people and helping people.  He has 34 years of professional government services experience and has served in ministry since 1986 in various roles.  He was ordained in 2000.  His experience working with the Broken Chains ministry, where they ministered to the derelict and lost, changed his heart as he saw the love of Jesus transform people lives.  He has a passion to share Jesus with the lost and hurting.  He enjoys hunting and fishing.



Kingdom Glory Centre Norval Morley Ron Jost Sophie Sage

Assistant Pastor Ron Jost


God miraculously saved Ron from a lifestyle that would have led to death.  As a man who has seen the other side, he continues every day to follow God and to help others to follow Him and build a desire to be God’s best friend. He is a man of God and a faith minister.  He believes that our past has been a stepping stone to where we are going and that when we pray the tide changes.  He has a passion to help people get back on their feet and set free functioning as God purposed them to be, not what man has enslaved them for.  He enjoys helping others in practical ways to see their vision come true.



Assistant Pastor Fred Dickie

Assistant Pastor Fred Dickie



Fred grew up in a church-going family knowing there was a God and that He answered his prayers.  After a 29 year career in food services, God called him to move to Kingston to complete his bible school in 2008.  At bible school, he had a “Paul” moment when he was reading Romans and God’s Spirit hit him hard and he was filled with God’s Spirit and spoke in tongues for 5 hours.  Since then God has spoken to him over and over to be like John the Baptist and tell people that ‘Jesus is coming and His Spirit will hit the nation and people are going to turn and run to Him.’



Pastors John and Beverly Hilliard

Pastors John and Beverley Hilliard



Pastors John and Beverley Hilliard are Resource Team members with Kingdom Glory Centre.  They pastor Rose of Sharon Fellowship in Bath, Ontario.  They have been married more than 50 years and have served in ministry for more than 35 years.  They are registered as Community Clergy at Kingston General Hospital and John is a member of the Pastoral Care Committee at Lennox & Addington County Hospital in Napanee. He is secretary and past president of The Greater Napanee and District Christian Ministerial Association and has been actively involved in the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship for many years.

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